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Angelique Kenney,
Earth and Sky School Founder
is a certified K-5 teacher, healer, postpartum doula and bona-fide nature lover. She taught in public schools for 10 years, is a Reiki master, certified in First Aid, CPR and AED and is a Certified Lactation Counselor. Angelique has given workshops on the value of teaching mindfulness to children. She currently offers Earth and Sky Forest School for children 4-12 years old. She is guided to nurture self-awareness, positive social behaviors and a love for the natural world. Angelique seeks to caretake children's natural sense of wonder and curiosity and believes that children need plenty of time in ‘real life’.  

Angel performed energy work on my 3 month old son who was experiencing colic and hypersensitivity. She did Reiki on both of us during her visits. As a new Mom, it can be stressful to have someone come into your home while your baby is screaming and crying. However, Angel made me feel calm and relaxed. I felt comfortable and safe with her approach. She is a wonderful listener and tapped into the energy I was already experiencing. She gave me tools to support my son in his journey and continued to check in with me with so much dedication and compassion. My son and I are doing much better and I will continue to lean into positive energy as I face the future challenges of motherhood.  
Kelly Hilden, Bloomfield, NJ

"Our son is naturally cautious and nervous. He was born into a family of outdoor adventurists, and we knew we needed to break him in. Enter Earth and Sky School. Over the course of a year, Angelique and team helped bring him out of his shell. He’s now more confident, courageous, and strong. He brings his awareness of nature and the earth into all that he does. And most importantly, he has FUN and looks forward to this more than any other activity. This program is a true gift—and he is building memories that will certainly last a lifetime."

-Lindsay, Montclair, NJ

Henry wanted to go for a walk around the block after dinner one of these recent warm nights.


As we were walking he was talking about how nice it was and then he stopped and did the breathing exercise you taught him (breath in through roots and branches). It was pretty awesome to see.


I just wanted to share one little example of how much an impact your camp has had on him.


Had to tell you this weekend Haynes made his brother George and me stop to listen to what the birds were telling us 🥰 he also found a book he made called “my fun book of animals” and said “Oh mom I need to send this to Miss Angel” so thought you’d enjoy your camp is definitely leaving a great impression!


 Hi Angel Julia is so so excited to go back to Earth and Sky tomorrow. She very proudly showed me Basecamp during a walk today. She also told me that we are actually part of nature, even though we forget. :


Andrzej leads us around the forest almost every week. He takes us to various places and knows his way out again - he says "I know this forest like the back of my hand." It's so awesome and we're so grateful to you for it!


We are an intentionally slow paced family, and it takes a lot for me to sign my son up for an after-school activity. But I couldn’t sign him up fast enough for Forest School! I believe that a strong connection with nature is absolutely essential to a child’s well-being (actually, everyone’s well-being if we get right down to it), and Forest School does so much to foster that connection. Exploring in the woods is a perfect antidote to a long day spent behind a desk at school, and my son comes home dirty, happy, centered and refreshed! He truly loves his time at Forest School and we know that it is nourishment to his body, mind and soul. Thank you, Angelique for the wonderful gift you’re offering our children! 

- Alicia Collins

 My 11 year old son, Harry had an amazing afternoon at Forest camp with Angelique. He loved the adventure of exploring the forest with kids of all different ages. I was thrilled for him to have time outdoors. As a boy in his first year of middle school, there's so much human, social stress that kids his age encounter.  It was wonderful to know he was connecting with nature, others and himself.  The whole experience was educational,  and really fun! He can’t wait to do it again!

-Susan Skoog

You are such a wonderful forest spirit teacher! I’ve been taking the kids to the forest so they can show me what they do with you and they touch the ground and pray to the trees and tell me all these cool things you teach them I just love it! 

- Jacqueline

All three of my kids love Earth and Sky camp. They love Angelique’s warmth and guidance. And being in the forest and nature allows them to explore and build confidence while being centered.  My kids are very different from one another and I see what a positive impact their time in the woods has on them.  We have been going for four years now and I don’t see an end to our time doing this program. We are grateful we live so close to such a special thing.  

When my son is spending time at Forest School, it feels like he is finally getting a moment in the day to be doing exactly what a boy his age should be doing. Angel's creativity and sense of exploration offer the children interesting, educational, and exciting ways for them to get to know nature and their place in it. My son Luke LOVES the time he spends in the woods and never tires of exploring, building, and discovering with Angelique. I see a difference in his behavior when he spends time in the forest, and I'm so grateful someone is offering an opportunity to make that a regular part of his routine.

- Kacy Erdelyi

Just the other day I had the pleasure and honor to receive a reiki session from Angel Kenney. I had experienced craniosacral therapy before but never reiki. The treatment I received from Angel was amazing. Angel has that otherworldly magic touch both with her hands and also with her energy. She has incredible intuition and just a very calming and healing presence. Angel put me in such a deep relaxed state. I had a headache upon my arrival and after my session both the headache and the daliy build of stress was completely gone. I highly recommend Angels expertise. I can only imagine that regular reiki sessions with Angel would provide tremendous healing and calming benefits. I'll definitely be going back for more!

- Kathe Knitch

There are so many benefits to practicing conscious/peaceful parenting, yet it’s also so challenging. I’m grateful to have Angelique Kenney as an ally on this path. She deeply understands and supports parents' desires to nourish kids emotionally, creatively and physically as they grow. I’m so glad my older daughter took Angelique’s Persephone’s Hero class, which offers a space that is lacking in typical kid-centric settings. This magical environment she creates offers a young person the chance to positively process the big, sometimes hidden emotions that well up in the 7-9 year old years. Angelique’s class was such a bright, affirming experience each week during the daily slog of an East Coast January. 

- Faye Lederman

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