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Family Reiki

Reasonable package rates for regular visits or groups.  

1 visit: $55 (First visit, $45); 4X/month: $30; 5+/month; $25)

When we’re stressed or not feeling well, it is extra challenging to show up in the best way possible for our children, partners, parents, loved ones, not to mention ourselves. My reiki practice will help restore you to a state of equanimity, so that you can be in a space of acceptance, peace and calm. 


We are seeing that children are more and more dealing with stress and even babies can experience stress, especially if they’ve had a challenging birth process. As a reiki energy healer, my goal is to quiet the mind, ease the tensions and clear the body of unneeded stress. As a teacher of many years, I know how to relate to children, I also find it's easier for children if I do reiki at their house.  I can also do it with out them even knowing.

Pets also benefit from reiki, especially to aid in healing from injuries or chronic conditions. 

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